Friday, June 5, 2009

Crazy Quilt Shop Bonanza!

Today from 8am to 3pm I was on the Central Coast Quilt Shops Tour with 2 other ladies. We had a blast and visited 9 shops in that time! We have 2 shops left to visit on our tour and we'll be hitting those two tomorrow afternoon. I didn't buy too much (my camera needs recharging or else there would be pics) but I did get some fabric for backing of my Charmed and Dangerous Quilt done in Funny Babies by Amy Bradley as well as some pieces of home dec fabric to make some bags with as well as a couple of fat quarters. (Remember I have 2 stores to visit tomorrow still!) I'll be looking for specific items tomorrow fabric to finish off some of my WIPs.

At one of the shops I was able to meet Shelley from Snips and Bits from Shelley's Studio. I loved seeing her quilts in person rather than just online. They are lovely!

I am interested in learning more about embroidery. I was about to buy a beginner's book for it but then I chickened out changed my mind. I may go back and pick up a book on tomorrow's tour. I've been inspired to learn about it from Cassie of You Go Girl!. She makes beautiful things and sells them in her shop on Etsy You Go Girl Designs.

Have a great weekend! And go support your local fabric store! lol =)

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