Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finally! Embellished Tote and a Pleated Pocket

After a month of no camera I didn't want to be posting and not have pics to go with it. No I didn't find the charging cord for my camera I just pulled out my old camera and went with that. (Still looking for the cord though, I really like my new camera)

So now I have pics to go with my post. I've done some sewing this past month but now I have to go back and take pics so I can post about them. I finished a project I was rushing to get done late last night (or early this morning). I've taken up hand embroidery or doodle-stitching after being inspired to start by You Go Girl! and her beautiful little creations. So I've got about 3 projects together ready for my road trip next week but I needed something to carry them in so I bought a plain black tote from Michael's. The tote needed some sprucing up so I pulled out a fat quarter from my small stash and turned it into this:

The straps were so rough (remember cheap little tote) I removed them and covered them up so they'd be softer.

I added some a pocket to the inside and separated it into 3 pockets. One small one for my scissors and two others to carry other odds and ends that I'd decide to carry with me.

This is my favorite part! I added a pocket to the outside to carry things and for decorative purposes and I love how it turned out! I followed this simple Pleated Pocket tutorial from Made by Rae. I want to make some more of these pockets and add them to some of my girls clothing.

I love how this tote turned out and I'm looking forward to carrying it around next week! My next project is making a peasant skirt for my 5 year old. I've got all the pieces cut out I just have to start sewing it together. A friend of mine is loaning me her gatherer so let's see if it makes it any easier. =)


  1. I didn't realize you had a blog! Now I can come see what you're doing. This bag is great!

  2. Very fun! I love the tote and the pocket too! Thanks so much for sending this to me!

  3. Talk about a make over! I would not have thought of redoing a tote. The pleated pocket really "makes" it!


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