Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yes, yes, is that time of year again. "Christmas?", you ask. No, Christmas shopping!! (and crafting and sewing and whatever else you may do).

After finding out that we will be seeing my in-laws earlier than expected I thought I'd better get to work on all those gift ideas floating around in my head.

Here is one of the gifts:

These blocks will be turned into pot holders. A pair of them will be tied with twine onto a jar filled with cookie mix whose lid will also be decorated with some cute fabric.

The blocks were made with a Charm Pack "Let It Snow" and I was going to hit the fabric store for some backing but then found the Christmas Candy piece in a box of fabric that was given to me. It doesn't match perfectly but it's cute. My only problem will be finding a binding to match both sides.

Any ideas?

What are you making for gifts this Christmas?


  1. Looks like a blue will match...a blue stipe? I love stripes for bindings.
    I hope to make a appliqued wall hanging or two as well as a table runner with matching coasters. I really like your idea of pot holders and the cookie mix!

  2. Yep, a blue - both sides have that aqua color in them. So cute!

  3. You won the little guy tie giveaway on my blog. :-) Send me your mailing address :-)

  4. Or maybe a minty green? My eyes are old and tired right now...but they do see how great those will be!! :) Congrats on winning...wanna try your luck again? I'm having my 100th post giveaway!! :)


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