Friday, October 30, 2009

Refashioned Tshirt Hoodie Dress

After reading the very neat blog Lil Blue Boo and all of her super cute ideas I wanted to make my very own tshirt hoodie dress. (Not for me of course for my 2y/o).

So I made a quick stop at a thrift store and found this really cute top for $1.50.

I knew that was the one! When I got it home I found a shirt with a hoodie that I knew fit my little girl and used it as my pattern for the top of the dress.

I know some people just cut out around but I like to use chalk but will probably stop doing so the more I do this.

(Insert pause for me running up and down the stairs to help with schooling)

I cut off the bottom of the shirt where my lines stopped then cut out the rest of the top, front and back. Sewed it right sides together and then moved on to the sleeves.

(Insert pause to run up the stairs and get 2 dinners started one for us and one for a family that just had twins!! They are sooo cute!)

Since it is now getting to be cooler weather I wanted long sleeves. So I found another top that had sleeves that fit her arm length. And used it to cut off the ends of sleeves off of a black long sleeved tshirt that I also found for $1.5o.

When it came time for me to attach the sleeves I had no idea what I was doing. I've never attached sleeves before. So I quickly ran upstairs to find how to attach sleeves. Thank you, Sew, Mama, Sew!

(Insert break for doing more meal prep and schooling help)

I ran back downstairs and lined up the sleeve and top right sides together, sewed, and....


A top with sleeves!

(Insert break to make some elbow macaroni here)

Now for the skirt part of the dress. I cut the bottom off of the black formerly long sleeved tshirt. It had some cute pockets already and wanted to utilize those because my little girl loves putting her hands in her pockets.

(Insert long break to finish dinner. Deliver to the said family. Get lost on the way to their house and go in a BIG circle. What should have taken 2 minutes now took 20. Ooo and Aaah over the oh so cute twin boy and girl. Come home and eat dinner with family. Then try and put together a super confusing puzzle with husband and oldest daughter until bed time. Get everyone to bed for some peace and quiet.)

I then gathered (I hate gathering never turns out like it should for me) and sewed the skirt onto the bottom of the top.

And to make the bottom not so dull I added a rose using this tutorial from Happy Together.
So easy to do and I think super cute!!

Finally it was time to make the hoodie.
I took out the top from the beginning and use it's hood as a pattern. I originally wanted the hood to be the blue striped material but didn't have enough of it for the stripes to match in direction so I went with the same black tshirt.

Sewed the back part of the hood together then made a hem for the front. And attached the hood to the dress and...

It is finished!!

(Realize it is now 2am and I need to go to bed)

And the next day...


  1. Okay, that is too cute!!!!! Love it!

  2. well done ! insert applause here ! hahaha !
    loved reading the "ïnserts" ...sounds like my place !
    she looks super cute in it to boot !

  3. super cute on your beautiful daughter! thanks for sharing the tutorial :)

  4. This is super rad! And kudos for doing it while making double dinners.

  5. We need more tutorials like yours with "breaks" and the simplicity you gave to the tute!! It's really encouraging;)


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