Saturday, May 23, 2009

Starting Out

In December I was given this beautiful machine! I started to learn how to use it in January and I've not stopped using it (ok, I know it's only been 5 months but hey I love it!). My first experience in sewing was to take a quilting class taught by a wonderful lady and friend of mine. We made as our first project these Origami Bags:

Then our next project was a quilt. I loved making it! I haven't quite finished it yet. I finished the quilt top in good time it's the backing that's been slowing me up. I need to just go specifically to the fabric store for the fabric for the backing so I can finish it up. Since then I've made a few other items venturing out on my own into the world of sewing. Three skirts (one for each of my girls), a crayon wallet for Sissy's birthday this Monday, a couple of aprons that I've given away, a phone cozy, and a nursing cover. I've got many projects now in the works and many others that I want to get started.

I wanted to start a blog dedicated to my progress as a new and novice seamstress. I hope you enjoy!

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