Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Project A Day

I've had a very productive week! And it isn't even over yet!!

On Monday I was finally (after being absent for quite a few months) able to visit the sewing class I love to attend. I took 2 different projects with me to work on but of course I had to browse the fabrics at the quilt shop the class is held at and came away with this project instead:

I finished almost the whole thing during the class and all I needed to purchase was 1 charm pack and 1/2 yard of backing. It now sits on our kitchen table. All that's left to do on it is to quilt it but I want to get some variegated (sp?) thread for that.

To continue on the fabric shopping spree I bought some pretty fabric from an online shop last night to make a skirt for my oldest. She's growing so fast and I've only made her 1 skirt and she's about out of it now so I thought it was time for another. However, waiting for the fabric to come in to make the skirt is another thing completely. Since I got the idea in my head I was itching to get started so I pulled out some beautiful fabric that I had gotten on sale last year. It was already washed and ready to go.

I didn't want to mess with ruffles and tons and tons of fabric that some of the twirly skirts call for plus she's getting older and she's so tall that I'm not keen on that style for her. So I went with a simple A-line. Used my Sew What Skirts book and made myself a pattern for her.

I thought it needed something extra though so I added some pretty bead trim that I got at Walmart on sale.

My only mistake was my bottom tier. I wanted it to be 4 inches but I forgot to factor in taking away for the hem. So instead of the 1" hem I wanted I had to make it a 3/8" hem so that my bottom tier wouldn't completely disappear. Other than that I love how it turned out. I can't wait to see it on her!

Next I want to make a red tutu with rose petals inside for a little girl's birthday present this Saturday.


  1. Love the runner - and that skirt! She's going to love wearing that! The bead trim is perfect for it, and the fabric is beautiful. Great job!

  2. I love the skirt! Beautiful fabric and the trim is just great. I know my daughter would love it so I hope yours does :)

  3. Awww... that bead trim made that skirt super cute. I'm sure your little girl will have lots of fun in that :)

  4. I love that runner. The prairie points look great. It's nice you took the time to make a skirt for your daughter. They grow so quick, I worry mine won't want me to sew for her much longer.

  5. LOVE them! Your fabric choices are AWESOME!! So glad you are back to making things...and sharing do such beautiful work! :D

  6. Lovely! I haven't spent enough time on Valentine's Day this year.

    Thanks for your comment about my shirt collar tutorial. Yes, it was a really long tutorial! Imagine how long it would be if I did the whole shirt in detail!

  7. Who is the designer of the fabric for that skirt?!!! Awesome print:)

    That is phenomenal...<3 it, <3 it!!

  8. Sara, the designer is Robert Kaufman "Joie de Vivre". =)


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