Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Friday Already?!

Yes it is and I haven't gotten one single thing done on any of my projects. Yuck!!

I've been a bit under the weather due to allergies and by the time the kids get in bed (my sewing time came around) I was so tired that I just got in bed as well. I have gotten some things done. I moved my sewing area out into the garage. It makes for a much cleaner bedroom and I don't have to worry about keeping my husband up when I sew late.

All my projects are at the cutting stage and I think that's also why I've not started any. I hate cutting but it is needed if you want to actually sew something.

Pray for us this weekend as we are having a special Ladies & Girls Spring Event for the ladies and girls of our church. We have a special speaker (one of our missionary wives), food, and a lot of fun planned. (This has also kept me very busy this week.)

I had a wonderful birthday and received many lovely cards and gifts inside the cards (WOOHOO fabric store here I come!) but with all the busyness haven't yet sent out (or purchased) my thank you cards. I think I'll try making them using this blog post as inspiration:

Bernina: Make a Greeting Card on Your Sewing Machine.

And did any of you see this oh so cute tutorial?
Mother Huddle: Hanging Fabric Baskets
I can think of a few places where these would be handy!


  1. I hear you about the cutting. I absolutely hate that part! All the pinning and thinking and adjustments. Bleh. I would much rather just sew :) Have fun at your Spring Event!

  2. Happy belated birthday..feel better soon..allergies are the pits!!


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