Friday, April 30, 2010

Not Easy Being Green

I finished!! I made my top for the Spring Top Week event!

As I mentioned before I had a top that I loved but was shaped like a tent. Since I've no plans to become expecting any time soon I did a little reconstruction and took the sides in a little. I really loved the finished product! So much so that I decided to make my top for Spring Top Week just like it!

I really challenged myself in making this top (besides doing it at the last possible minute). Since I had no pattern to go on I had to make my own using the old top. However, I still want to wear said top and didn't want to take it apart so there was a lot of stretching and maneuvering to get the right size.

I already knew the fabric I wanted to use, some pretty white and green floral cotton knit I got on sale at Beverly's. And as an accent fabric I decided to upcycle my favorite green maternity shirt my sister bought me that was no longer stylish since the puppy decided to put some holes in it.

The most difficult thing about this project was designing the shape of the sleeves. I've never done sleeves like these before so was doing some guess work but they turned out great. This is also the first time I've done any shirring but I found it so easy and very fun to do. You should try it out some time! =)

I took a bajillion pictures to try to get a nice pic to enter into the flickr pool. I hope what I ended up with will be alright. Not sure if I'll win any prizes with this shirt (I hope so!) but I sure loved making this top!


  1. It looks beautiful! Great job! Shirring was pretty easy eh? I'm thinking about having some on my bridesmaid dresses because it's so summery, but I was afraid it would be difficult. Did you have to use special thread?

  2. Love the green top! Very interesting!

  3. your tops turned out fabulous! I love shirring too! :)

  4. from SWN... Jennifer, its gorgeous!!!


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