Monday, April 26, 2010

Seven Sisters Quilt Show Goodies

Spending the day at a quilt show is so much fun! So many beautiful quilts and some of the beautiful stories behind them were just fantastic. I wasn't able to take many pictures or good quality ones because my camera was lost. I found it when I got home.

It was such a gorgeous day outside in SLO at the Madonna Inn but every time I stepped outside I started to sneeze and my eyes started to itch. *sigh* allergy season

Ok on to the show. When we first got off the trolley bus that took us up the hill there was a tent filled with vendors selling oh so many beautiful things! We browsed a little then went into the main building each going our different ways. (Oh didn't I mention I went with 2 friends) I decided to look at the quilts on display first.

There were so many beautiful quilts but the one above was my favorite and that for any know me you can guess why. The horses of course! lol The company that makes this pattern I have discovered also sells a few different horse ones so I need to get myself one right away and start making it. It would go perfect in my living room.

This one had to be the funniest quilt! The lady who made it used baby clothes for the clothing on the men. It could have been a snapshot of that day! I saw so many men walking around holding their wives goodies as she ooed and ahhhed over the quilts.

This quilt is a mini that was made as part of a competition. It was the one I voted for. My husband loves this pic and I'll have to see about making a similar one for his office.

Now for the goodies!! This is all the loot I brought home from the quilt show:

Starting in the upper left and working my way around. The first is a Nap Time quilt kit. I bought it to make for Caleb. It was too cute to pass up and I loved those colors! To top it all off the binding and the pattern was included in the kit and they had already cut pieces of fabric for the backing selling right next to it. I loved it! I started working on it last night at the Monday Night Mavens Sewing group and have 1/2 of the top complete.

Next to it are 2 pieces of fabric that were only $4 a yard. I thought they would make a cute shirt for Caleb.

The clear bag was filled with a purple needle threader, a spool of thread, 100 paper pieces for making 1" hexagons, a pack of needles, easier instructions to make those 1" hexagons. At the last quilt show I went to someone handed out samples of paper piecing and I thought I'd give it a try. LOL Trying to follow the manufacturers instructions was a nightmare. After making one I gave up on it. This was not for me! But at the Seven Sisters Quilt show a lady was there demonstrating how to make them and boy was it a lot simpler and faster. I'm gonna use this as a car trip project and make a bunch using one of my charm packs that has been sitting around forever. After I get a bunch made I'll figure out something to make with them.

Moving on down the pattern is an embroidery piece I thought would be perfect for my mom's birthday.

On the opposite end is another quilt kit for a large table topper, binding and pattern included as well.

Well, that's all the goodies! If anyone actually made it to the end of this post there are a few more pics of quilts and up close shots of the goodies on my flickr page.


  1. Love it all!!!! Those quilts are amazing. True pieces of art. I love that riley blake fabric. I keep thinking when I get the funds, I'll order it for the store..but then another newer line comes out every single time that I feel I should carry instead. *sigh* what a hard life. LOL :-)

  2. It looks like you had a fabulous time! I even checked out your flickr page. I didn't even know you had a Flickr. So I added you of course :)

  3. Great Plug for the Seven Sisters Quilt Show, thank you so much! I just wanted to let you know the 2011 show will be April 30 and May 1, 2011 at the Alex Madonna Expo Hall and we would love to have you visit us again! Also, there will be a professionally produced DVD to take home with you so you will have pictures of all of the quilts forever! Thanks again!


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