Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday/My 1st Sienna Dress

It's finished! And it came out PERFECTLY!! Well, at least as perfect as I can tell before seeing it on her. But that will have to wait until morning it's after 11pm right now. Sorry for the bad lighting in the pics. I took many but these were the best two.

This was a very fun project and would have been quicker but I just had to complicate things. lol I used the Sienna Dress Pattern from Lil Blue Boo (as I said in my last post). I decided to go with the short sleeves and I had to add an inch on to the bottom, I like their dresses to last through a growth spurt.

I had a lot of fun using Lil Blue Boo's Freezer Paper Stenciling Tutorial (except I used Tulips Spray Fabric Paint, didn't have to mix my own) and trying out her Reverse Applique Tutorial as well! Then at the end my little birthday princess wanted ruffles on it so I decided to lettuce edge the hem and the sleeves. I can't wait to try it on her tomorrow! Good Night!


  1. It's beautiful. I'm sure your little girl will love it! Great job on the new techniques. :)

  2. Oh wow, this came out great! You are making me want to sew some clothes this weekend! I have been wanting to try the freezer paper stencils for so long - I have the freezer paper, now I just need some inspiration!


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