Thursday, July 29, 2010

Keep on Sewing

WOW! Has it really been 2 months since I posted last! Goodness. Well, I certainly did not put my sewing machine away. It did sit dormant for a few weeks due to life in general and surprises that the Lord had for us but I've sewn a few things here and there.

I've made 2 crayon wallets one for a birthday present and one as an order. The mother of the girl I gave the 1st one to wanted one to give as a birthday present for her daughter's friend. She wanted a little purse to go with it so I made a matching Origami Handbag to go with it.

Next I made a pillow case for a girlfriend's birthday. It wasn't just any old pillow case though. My friend is a flamingo fanatic! And I wanted it to be special for her as her husband is on deployment.

I had so much fun making this pillow! I had so many ideas and the design changed a million times before I finally settled on what you see here.

I was going to embellish both sides but opted to leave a side plain so that she wouldn't wake up with unsightly stitching lines on her face. lol

Then on Monday I wanted to get out and make my daughter a circle skirt out of knit fabric but after looking at the state of my garage/sewing area I decide to clean instead. I was able to unload 2 large black bags, 2 large boxes, and 1 small box full of fabric that I didn't need/like from my garage. Most had come from a buy sight unseen selection of fabric I picked up at a garage sale. There was plenty for me to keep but a lot I didn't want that was cluttering up the area.

Now that the area was decluttered the creative juices were flowing freely! I picked up my scissors and attacked repurposed a Hersheys Milk Chocolate T-shirt into a circle skirt for my daughter.

I always make things so hard on myself. Instead of a simple 1 hour to make skirt this skirt with it's bits of this and pieces of that took W-A-Y too long. But it sure is fun!

This entire skirt was made from repurposed fabric. Three t-shirts and some leftover floral fabric from an earlier project went into this skirt. There are white shorts sewn in as well to keep her modest when playing. =)

After the Hershey's Skirt was complete I whipped out this pink skirt in one hour. Oh if only I had made this one first like she wanted. lol My little girl loves all things pink and when given her choice she'd pick this skirt over the one mommy spent so much time slaving over making for her. ;)

This one also has shorts sewn in.

Now that she has 2 new skirts I may make one for myself tomorrow! They are sooooo easy to make! I've got to keep repeating to myself "Keep it simple! Keep it simple!" I tend to go overboard with the design of my little creations that I don't get done nearly what I should.

To anyone who actually read this and made it all the way to the bottom, Thank you! Thanks for sticking with it and waiting for me to finally post again.


  1. Great projects! love the crayon wallets!

  2. Girl, I know how it is!! I got into a bad habit of only posting ONCE a month!! So busy..and UNmotivated! I've been wanting to do a crayon wallet for soooo long...maybe soon! The look so simple, I don't know why I haven't made one yet! Your skirts are so cute! I tend to "change technique" in the middle of sewing also..WHY do we make it so hard on ourselves? The pillowcase is DIVINE!! The flamingos are wonderful...GREAT job!! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  3. It's hard to be a regular blogger of a sewing blog when it takes time away from actually sewing! lol

    You made some really fun projects and I really loved your flamingo pillow case. Great applique!

    I read to the bottom! lol


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