Sunday, September 20, 2009

As the Dust Piles Higher...

...on my machine and craft table I sigh, *sigh*.

I would share a picture of the natural disaster that is my craft/family room (the other half of my bedroom) but I am way too embarrassed to do so. It is in such a state that I can't DO anything!! I've got a lot of projects that need to be worked on but alas there is no room to do it. So this week on my to do list is to put back in order my craft/family room (the other half of my bedroom).

So to keep you entertained since I have no amazing WIP or just finished project to share with you I'll leave you with this. A video I made using Animoto. A very cool way to make your photos into a fabulous slide show/video. It's the first one I've every done and I think I'll be making more of them.

Collins' Family Adventure

Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to get the video directly on my post so I had to use a link.


  1. That was really COOL!!! I might have to try that! :) Don't feel bad about your unorganized mess....I am about to post MINE!!! For real, I figured if I EMBARRASSED myself would motivate me to CLEAN!! :)

  2. I sew on my kitchen table...its never a pretty sight! :(


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