Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Spy with My Little Eye.....................


lol (yes that is my hand in the puppet named "Mama")

I finally had a lightbulb moment the other day. I've been wanting to make some "I Spy" bags for my girls but I always bemoaned the fact that I didn't have any of that clear plastic for the window and didn't know where to get any. (Actually I did but didn't know it, hence the lightbulb moment)

While reading the blog Make it and Love it I had my...

...moment. It's just plastic vinyl like the kind bedding comes in when you buy it en masse from Walmart. I've always got one of those bags somewhere in this house (plus it helps that the night before we bought loads of bedding for our 3 girls). So I set about making my own "I Spy" bags.

(If I had more time I would have added "TA DA!" over the top of those bags in Gimp2)

Actually these bags cost me nothing but some time (if you don't include the original price of all the stuff I used to make them) since I just used stuff I had laying around the house.

The fabric is fleece from my youngests outgrown pj's.

A whole new look on "Holey Pajamas" These would get lots of ventilation in summer time. ;)

The purple pj's had some cute appliqued flowers on front so I cut that out first for the back of one of the bags.

My middle child wanted hers cut out of the brown pj's but there wasn't enough left to make the size of bag needed so I made her a special M applique for her bag. It was my first time doing applique too. I need to do it more.

There are 30 items in each bag then I filled each with 8-10 oz. of rice. The kids love them (I love them, once you start playing they are hard to put down!) These are gonna be great on our road trip to the Bay Area next week. =)

Now I know you've been wondering, "But what about the puppets?" And I won't leave you hanging. Today we made sock puppets. (I shouldn't even be mentioning them because there was no sewing involved) I attached everything by Hot Glue Gun and raided my scrap fabric stash for their hair and any clothing.

The girls played with them for all of 1/2 a second right when they were done. =) Ahhh, the joys of Motherhood.


  1. Wow, what creative ideas!!! These look fantastic!

  2. I LOVE the "I Spy" neat! And thanks for the vinyl bag would never have occurred to me otherwise!! I think the sock puppets are too cute, maybe they will be picked up again soon!! :D

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