Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sewing in the Rough (and some Baby Shower Gifts!)

I finally blew the dust off of my machine and got to work. With a baby shower only 1 day away I needed to get cracking! My goal was to have a matching Nursing cover, 2 spit up cloths (one for each baby, she's having twins!!), and a diaper clutch ready by tonight. Well, I got 2 out of 3 done. The nursing cover and the spit up cloths. I had enough material to do the diaper clutch just not enough time.

I still didn't get my sewing area cleaned up I just worked around, on, and through it. I finally braved up and will show you a pic of what I worked through.

Everything I need an arm's length away! You just have to dig for it. lol My stash of mini-Snickers I think are the most important thing on this table. I learned this from Cassie at You Go Girl! just read her Pencil Roll Tutorial and No Snit Binding Tutorial and you'll see why.

No really, I don't like working with my table like this. Usually I would have cleaned it all off before starting but there was no time.

So now to the sewing! I finished up the nursing cover in good time. I still have one more to make for a friend of mine.

She loved the colors! YAY! I always try to ask about favorite colors and since her wedding colors were red and green (in July not a Christmas wedding) I thought she would like this fabric. Carnival Bloom by Michael Miller.

This time I added pockets on the inside bottom corners of the cover. I wanted to use a knit fabric but there were no white knit remnants at the fabric store so I re-purposed a onesie that Glory had outgrown.

I then moved on to the spit up cloths. I got my inspiration from this one:

It was a gift given to my sister-in-law's sister from her Sunday School class. The snag was that the lady who made them has a machine that does embroidery, hence the lovely lettering.

I do not.

When an amateur seamstress tries to copy above artwork on her own machine, freehand you get this:

Not Pretty.

I had already sewn on the fabric onto the bottom so after wasting time doing the above work I had to pull out Mr. Seam Ripper to take off the fabric and add it to another cloth.

See all the thread still hanging onto the ruined cloth.

Then I decided to use my lettering that my machine can do but thinking I had to enter in the letters a certain way I came up with this:

Luckily, I used a scrap piece of fabric to see how it would come out instead of wasting another cloth.

After correcting my mistakes my finished product finally came to this:

I really like how they turned out and I loved how everything matched!!

I usually don't give cards at baby showers. Since I'm right there when they open it I can let them know it's from me! =) But I thought I'd use a piece of scrap fabric to make a matching card as well.

Too pretty to wrap up! This fabric is awesome!

The diaper clutch never made it even to the cutting board but since I have enough fabric for it I'll still be finishing it up and getting it to the Mommy to be.

It has been awhile since I was sewing last and I really enjoyed getting back to it. The Lord has really blessed me with a wonderful way to create lovely things for my friends and family (and for myself ☺).


  1. This is such a wonderful gift. I just love the fabric. Have you ever seen a cover with roughly a 4 x 10 (about 1/4 of the width) pocket on the front? Then you can fold up the cover and flip it into the pocket for a nice compact package that stays neat in the diaper bag. Did that make any sense to you :)

  2. FABULOUS!! I really wanted to make one of these for myself, but just never got around to it!! Your burp cloth came out really good!! I have never tried the monogram lettering on my machine, maybe I should!
    And your "mess"....such the amateur! ;)

  3. Very nice nursing cover. My sister made one for me that folds up all nice inside of itself. I love it, especially now that my little guy is 5 months and moving around alot more during nursing. I love the fabric too.

  4. What a lucky Mom! Those are great I love the colors & patterns also

  5. I love that fabric you used. They turned out nicely.
    Thank you for sporting us with the blog button, it's been awhile since I have had time to read some blogs but I am so glad I made it to yours tonight.. Send me your mailing address to recieve a surprise in your mailbox gift for supporting sew-fantastic.

    Thank you


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