Monday, August 16, 2010

90 Minute Shirt

Made Caleb a 90 Minute Shirt last night. Since it was my first time it definitely didn't take 90 minutes but the next one will be faster. =) I used an old long sleeved tshirt I found at a garage sale. The binding is from another tshirt that was super soft.

I really liked how easy it was to make. My pattern needs a little tweaking though. The front neck is too high but it is still wearable.

Isn't he too cute! This is him just woken up. lol I couldn't wait to try it on him this morning. (And for the record I did not wake him up; he was already up.)

I was finally able to use my "P.S. I Love You" tags that I bought at the Quilt Show I went to in the Spring. I think it's too cute!

More of these shirts will definitely be popping up. They are so easy to make! (Did I mention that already?)

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  1. It looks terrific! I've always loved the blue and orange combination. Very handsome.


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