Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DIY - Not as Easy as It Looks

Design It Yourself - Not as easy as it looks.

After our last trip to Disneyland (we go quite frequently) I felt the need for a small yet hold it all wallet. Something my ID, cellphone, change, chapstick, and season passes could all fit in AND it could go on my Disney Pin Lanyard.

No big deal right?

I spent the better half of an evening measuring, drawing, and planning exactly how my wallet would look. The next morning first thing I started to actually make it.

It was exciting seeing my ideas come into reality while working on it!

The coin pouch even had a zipper (the first one I've ever done!)

Once I was done I was very pleased with my work but I could see some flaws and problems already.

I forgot to allow width for the folding the wallet does. The coin pouch is too small to hold the large chapstick I like to use. The cellphone pocket and the ID pocket should be reversed. And I can't for the life of me get the fusible velcro to fuse because that part of the wallet is too thick.

A Wallet of My Own Design

All these problems are fixable. I'm going to make changes where necessary and this time use some muslin so I don't use up the rest of my chosen fabric until I know I've got it right.

In the meantime I'm using my wallet and it works fine except for it's flaws and I'll enjoy having my flawless one made. =) Once I get it right I may start selling them in the shop.

On other designing notes I pulled out some blank cards so my daughters and I could make some special cards to send to grandparents. They made thank you cards for the recent visit and spoiling my mom and dad did this weekend. I made a get well soon card for my grandma who recently had surgery.
We had fun with rick rack on our cards!

I get my sewing talent from my Grandma. She always made us fun stuff. I remember when she made my sister and I matching Snow White costumes for Halloween. She also was the one who made our baby blankets. I still have mine, it's in pretty bad shape though. (I have a sibling who still actively uses their baby blanket.)

I got to play with my fabric today! However, while I was pressing the dryer wrinkles out I discovered 4 pieces were cut to the wrong length. =( Boo! Which put me 3 Origami Handbags short of my goal. Oh well.

Ok, I've got a question for any that have made it this far in my ramblings. Should I wait to list things once I've got a lot made or list as I make it?

Thanks for your opinions!


  1. On Etsy it's best to list things as they are made. That way at least one of your items will be near the top of searches. If you add them all in a lump, then all of them will go down the list together and you won't have anything new at the top of the search. It saves money because you won't have to continue to relist your old items to get them back to the top. :)

    Love those cards! A special touch is always appreciated. I'm sure the recipient will be happy with a handmade with love card.

  2. I would take those pieces back and ask for your money back. They should work with you on that one. That's frustrating when things like that happen!

    I usually list things as I make them, but that's me. :)

  3. I would either list them as you make them, or make a bunch and just list one or two a day. You want to keep your shop near the top of the listings!


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