Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Card Doodle Stitching

(Sorry about the blurry photo it was taken with my phone)

I've been wanting to try some things out of Aimee Ray's book "Doodle-Stitching" and yesterday I finally did. It's not actually one of the projects, I just copied one of the photos that she had in her book. It turned out so cute! I love it!

I turned a plain Thank You card into a cute one-of-a-kind card. I'm looking forward to making more of these to give as thank you's to the wonderful ladies who are working so hard at putting together our Ladies Night Out. We've got 90+ women coming and it's all coming together wonderfully! The Lord has really blessed us with some talented women.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sewing with a Delay

A little over 2 weeks ago I cut apart a pair of supersized jeans I bought at Kmart for 99cents to repurpose them into a skirt for my 5y/o. I finally started sewing the pieces together on Friday and was hoping to finish it up on Sunday afternoon between services. (What's taking so long you ask, well I'm copying a skirt that she has and it's a peasant skirt so a lot of gathering.) I was hoping to add the last and bottom layer Sunday afternoon and add the elastic to the waist then, "Wallah!" It would be finished. . . .
but. . . .
instead I spent my Sunday afternoon using a shop vac in my bedroom sucking up the water in the carpet that leaked into the house after I had left the water on in my hydrangeas all through the morning service. So no project was completed. =( The carpet is still wet. Our bed sits right on top of it so today we will be moving it hopefully.
Once it's all dry I can pick up with sewing again because my bedroom floor is my craft table. It's where I cut my fabric, piece it, pin it, etc. I so wanted to get done with this skirt because I joined a sew along at Sew, Mama, Sew and I wanted to start making my own summer skirt. It would be my first piece of clothing made for myself. I am anxious to get started on it. Well, see you all again when my floor is dry.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finally! Embellished Tote and a Pleated Pocket

After a month of no camera I didn't want to be posting and not have pics to go with it. No I didn't find the charging cord for my camera I just pulled out my old camera and went with that. (Still looking for the cord though, I really like my new camera)

So now I have pics to go with my post. I've done some sewing this past month but now I have to go back and take pics so I can post about them. I finished a project I was rushing to get done late last night (or early this morning). I've taken up hand embroidery or doodle-stitching after being inspired to start by You Go Girl! and her beautiful little creations. So I've got about 3 projects together ready for my road trip next week but I needed something to carry them in so I bought a plain black tote from Michael's. The tote needed some sprucing up so I pulled out a fat quarter from my small stash and turned it into this:

The straps were so rough (remember cheap little tote) I removed them and covered them up so they'd be softer.

I added some a pocket to the inside and separated it into 3 pockets. One small one for my scissors and two others to carry other odds and ends that I'd decide to carry with me.

This is my favorite part! I added a pocket to the outside to carry things and for decorative purposes and I love how it turned out! I followed this simple Pleated Pocket tutorial from Made by Rae. I want to make some more of these pockets and add them to some of my girls clothing.

I love how this tote turned out and I'm looking forward to carrying it around next week! My next project is making a peasant skirt for my 5 year old. I've got all the pieces cut out I just have to start sewing it together. A friend of mine is loaning me her gatherer so let's see if it makes it any easier. =)