Monday, January 10, 2011

Moody Blues Quilting Bee - January Block


FINALLY! I joined the Moody Blues Bee in October of last year but due to some slight problems I didn't get any blocks to work on until the end of last week.

When my Hunny brought me my package I didn't know what it was, until I opened it. Inside was a pretty robin's egg blue 9 inch square a long with some pretty gray strips of fabric. The instructions said we were going to be making an Asterisk Quilt Block. It looked simple enough and I had never made one before so I jumped right in the same day.

Since this was for someone else I didn't want to make as many "design decisions" that I usually do when putting together quilt blocks. I took my time trying to make sure every cut and every stitch was just right.

I'll be putting it in the mail today and hopefully Miss January will be as happy with it as I am!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mitered Corners and a Finished Quilt Top

In April of 2010 I attended a Quilt Show where I purchased a "Nap Time" Quilt Kit from the vendor The Calico Horse. I purchased it with my son in mind and because I loved the colors also I'm a sucker for striped fabric. =) I started said quilt kit right away and got a lot done on it too, rather quickly! However once I came to the borders I was brought to a halt. I had been sewing this at the sewing group I attend and my teacher was planning to teach me how to miter the border. She gave me enough instruction to piece the border strips together but then class ended and I never was able to take this particular quilt back to class.

The other day because of my New Year's Sewing Resolutions I decided to pull this one out and finish it up. Since it is still very hit and miss for me to attend my sewing group I decided to reach out to the online sewing/quilting community I have become a part of for help.

Amy of Amy's Creative Side came through! She makes the most beautiful quilts! She has a wonderful tutorial on her blog if you were ever wondering how to make Mitered Corners.

I am very proud of this corner!! See how the seams match up just beautifully! *Sigh* It makes me happy just to look at it.

With Amy's help I was able to finally put this quilt top on the finished pile! Now it's not a completed WIP until it gets quilted and it's binding put on. One of my favorite things about this kit was that the binding came with it! It will be the striped fabric that's in the border.

Another shot of the "Perfect Corner" (Yes I know I need to press it still)
What about the other corners you ask? Well, they are all just a smidge, an ever so very small smidge, off. After trying to redo 2 of them and coming up with the same results I decided to move on. It's not like my baby boy is gonna say, "Now wait a minute, Momma! These mitered corners don't match up!"

I would like to quilt this one myself. I think the fabric is way too busy for any type of free motion pattern. Any suggestions?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow what a Holiday Season! It seemed like nothing but busy, busy, busy all throughout November and December. I was able to get in a little bit of sewing and creating during the last two months but definitely not what I would have liked. So now it's time for a little Show and Tell to catch you up on the projects I did get done.

My big (and only) accomplishment was making these 3 dolls for these sweet little girls! They were much easier to make than I anticipated and I really enjoyed it! Now I am in the process of making them some clothes! lol The dresses they are wearing came with the girls Christmas dresses that my MIL sent.


In their PJ's! Made these out of scrap fabric I had in my stash.


The other project I started working on is my Layer Cake quilt. Last Monday I set a goal to finish 10 quilt blocks and I did it! I'm loving how they are turning out. Only 10 more to make so I can start on the sashing.


And last but definitely not least is some news. I made my first sale on Etsy! Yay! On my to do list is to add more items to the shop.

My New Years Resolution for my sewing is to finish up my WIP quilts before starting a new one. My list of WIP is as follows:

1. Layer Cake Quilt
2. Sister's Quilt
3. Caleb's Quilt
4. Table Topper Quilt
5. Doll Quilt
6. Living Room Quilt
7. Flamingo Quilt

Yeah I think that's all of them. =)

I hope you have had a Happy New Years!!

PS: Thank you for all the well wishes on my last post! I really appreciate the prayers. Sorry I didn't respond to them sooner for some reason the comments weren't getting emailed to me like normal so I didn't see them til today. I've fixed the problem and should be getting my comments when you post them again. My Dad is doing good! The Chemo is working. The tumors on his liver and abdomen are shrinking. The one in his lower intestines they are not able to see if it is shrinking or not but they think it is since the others are. Thank you again for your prayers!