Monday, March 15, 2010

Pattern Challenge Update

  1. finish the jumper planned for Glory.
  2. make matching skirts for the girls.
  3. make a Sunday dress for each of the girls.
  4. repurpose 2 shirts for Caleb.
  5. make a tie for each special Sunday for Caleb. (Easter, birthday, etc.)
  6. finish the planned shirt and skirt for myself.
  7. And to do this all before Summer.
Getting to work on my Pattern Challenge. Remember my goal is to finish it all before Summer. =) Well, some things are coinciding with this Pattern Challenge so I'll be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Right now my major project is Easter!

For Easter I want to make the girls semi-matching outfits and Caleb a matching tie (possibly even one for Daddy to match Caleb's!). I'll be using the Frida pattern from Modkid. I bought the whole lot as a kit from Above All Fabric. That will take care of #3 and part of #5.

And guess what? It's coming again....
I wasn't able to get involved last year (too new to sewing and too scared to try and make a top for myself). But this year, especially with goal #6, I'll be putting in an entry. Made By Rae
makes the cutest things and has a really cute Spring Top pattern I may try out. But then again I have the Funked Out Peasant Blouse that I've been meaning to make as well.

Hmmmm....decisions, decisions.

The skirt I want to make is not from a pattern but from a picture.

Isn't that such a cute skirt?! I saw it online at a shop that I'm kicking myself now for not saving the name of the website. ARGH! Oh well, maybe I'll find it again. It'll be fun figuring out how they made it and trying to duplicate it. Now to find the perfect fabric for it! =)
*Found it! ModCloth

We will be going to Disneyland very soon and I'd like to make the girls (and Caleb) some cute outfits or skirts (the girls) for the trip. Which should take care of goal #1, #2 and #4. A while ago I bought some Mickey Mouse fabric that was on sale and wanted to make Glory something with it (she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "It's her FAVORITE!" lol as she tells me everytime she watches it). Since we'll be at Disney on her b-day and she wanted a Mickey Mouse/Princess party I thought I'd try to make her a frilly princessy jumper with the fabric.

Hmmm...that got me thinking...maybe I'll use this new pattern I bought from Olabelhe for the jumper!

The only problem with some of these lofty goals is that I want them all done at the same time. lol (Not the summer deadline but much sooner) We'll see how it goes. =)

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  1. Have fun! I hope you get done what you hope to. I have a long list too... We'll see how it goes :)


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