Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the Edge...

Finished pillow case...
Cotton, washable matching yarn...

Yarn darning needle...

Down to the wire but I finished it! I was able to get my foundation blanket stitch onto my posh pillowcase.

It was a rough start due to the extreme length of the yarn. A lot of twisty looking stitches but it's all done.

Hey! It looks really good in the photo!


  1. beautiful! I cannot crochet. At all. Or knit. But I am anxious to see everyone's finished pillowcases! And I have actually consdiered looking for a trim like this to carry in the shop after seeing Cassie blog about this for the past couple months. Oh, and byt the way, I love the Whimsy fabric!!!!

  2. It looks fabulous. You have amazing patience. I would not be able to sit still and work on that stitching.


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