Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Quilting

Fall has started and even though the weather doesn't relay that fact I wanted to get out my Fall decorations this year! After digging through our storage closet I found that the dog had eaten most of my decorations. I put out what I had and decided I needed to get to work on making something more. A Fall Wall Hanging!

Earlier this Summer I won an "Awesome" Charm Pack and I knew that I wanted to make something for the house with it. So I pulled it out and started planning. I came up with this layout:

Fall wall hanging

Once I knew the direction I was going I started piecing. I wanted something fun so I made some wonky blocks. Pretty much just made a 4 patch then wonky cut them and sewed them back together.

Fall wall hanging block

I really wanted the middle seam to line up so I pulled out my seam ripper quite a bit for these blocks.

Fall wall hanging wonkiness

They turned out really well! I trimmed them down to 8 1/4" squares then sewed them together. I wanted to add a sashing to this quilt so I dug around in my stash and came up with some pieces of a very deep and rich purple that goes perfectly with some of the purple accents in the charm pack. After sitting for over an hour trying to calculate how wide my sash strips needed to be I decided to just make them 1 1/2" wide (finished).

I just want to say in advance that I'm sorry. I'm sorry that the quality of this upcoming picture does not do justice to the beautiful colors on this quilt top.

Fall wall hanging

I just could not get a good picture of this. The purple is so rich and pretty that it frames the light wonky blocks perfectly! I'm almost tempted to leave it as is!!

All that's left for this quilt top to be finished are the border squares and to applique F-A-L-L on the front.

Are you making anything for the Fall season?


  1. hi:))...I come form Europe, and I realy like your blog.......I don't make something this but I hope that I will:)))).....now I'm teaching and sew somting diferent:))...
    You can check out my blogs at
    greeting from croatia:)).....

  2. You're 'wonky' blocks look so good! The colors look pretty (on my computer screen, anyway!) but I hope you get a 'true' print to show when it's complete!

  3. I like it! Adding the word FALL will just make it more beautiful.

  4. Your work is beautiful!
    Stopping in from my 30days FB page. Thanks for reading! xo,


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