Sunday, September 5, 2010

Free Motion Quilting

I finished my extremely ugly quilt top for the Free Motion Quilt Along at A Few Scraps. After I finished it and posted a picture in the flickr group I realized I put it together wrong! lol Oh well, since it's for learning how to free motion quilt I didn't even attempt to pull out my seam ripper.

one ugly quilt top complete

I also put together a couple of 12"x18" practice quilt sandwiches and did my first attempt at free motion quilting.

practice stitching

I'll mostly be working on quilts and stuff for the shop this month. The kids have been completely outfitted with lots of new clothes from grandparents that there's no need for me to make them anything. =(

What do you have in store to make for this month?


  1. Wow, I'm quite impressed with your free motion quilting! I've always wanted to be able to do it, but have a hard time letting go and allowing the needle to go where it wants. Maybe one of these days... :)

  2. Get job on the free motion quilting! Practice, practice, practice is all it really takes :)
    I'm going to try make something with knits soon, finish my apron, start a new quilt...I'm sure other things will come up - like baby gifts. Always more of those to make :)

  3. Thanks for showing your process - I'm still rather intimidated by machine quilting. Your good work motivates me.

  4. Great job on the FMQ! Thanks for joining Talkin' Tuesdays last night! It was fun to chat with you!!! :)


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