Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finally Finished Friday!

Welcome to the second installment of FINALLY FINISHED FRIDAY!! =)

I finally finished off more listings for the shop. I've had these cut out for quite some time just hadn't sewn them together until this week.

First off is the Posh Pillowcase! I love it! It's so pretty! I think 2 of my kids loved it too. When I tried getting a photo of it the baby kept following me around ready to lay down on it whenever he had the chance! lol It has definitely been comfort tested and baby approved. Then while taking the photos my oldest daughter asked, "Does everyone in the world have a pillowcase?". "Why?", I asked. "Well I need a new pillowcase.", she said, as in *hint hint* give this one to me Mom! lol Unbeknownst to her though a Personalized Posh Pillowcase will be under the tree this Christmas.

I also got 3 more Crayon Wallets made for the shop. Actually 2 more because one was giving me such a hard time I decided to keep it and use it for a reward for my oldest (since she's been wanting one of these too) when school starts.

Ok I know this isn't technically 'finished' yet but they'll be done on Friday since I'm writing this post on Thursday night. These are 4 Little Guy Ties that I'll be giving as a bday gift this Saturday for a friends baby who's turning 1. Now for those that are thinking "ties as a birthday present?!" They were Mom requested. She just doesn't know the colors. I asked her what colors she likes on her son and she mentioned green and orange. I thought the black would be a good neutral and since Christmas is coming soon I had to make a red one!

Unfinished ties

And last but definitely not least is the one I'm most excited about! I finally made myself some labels! I love, love, love how they look! They were so easy to make. Just some cotton twill tape and iron on transfer paper. I was very happy that my printer decided to print in color (it has been giving me fits lately) because I LOVE blue. =) Now if only I could remember to add my labels to my product while I'm making them!

Well, that's about it for this Finally Finished Friday. I'm trying to slowly fill up the shop, now if only someone(s) would start emptying it! lol On my to do list is getting business cards made. I met 2 ladies tonight that were very interested but all I had to give them was scrap paper with my name and web address scribbled out. Nice. =/

Anything you've finally finished?


  1. So pretty....The ties are so cute too!!!

  2. I love the fun pillow case and the little guy ties are sure have been busy! :)

  3. Everything you make is so nicely made and such sweet fabrics! Do you cut the ties on the bias? What fabric do you use for them?

    As far as 'what have you finished?' goes, I think the cartoon "...I am so far behind I will never die!" was written for me!

  4. I need a FINALLY FINISHED FRIDAY!! Oh, to be THAT motivated and ORGANIZED!! Those ties are the sweetest! Your labels came out GREAT!! I need to do some, I've been playing around online and can never find any I like OR want to pay I should definitely try your idea!! :D


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