Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Do You Do With Your Quilt Tops? and A Vote!

Well, what do you do with those quilt tops that are finished but you just haven't gotten around to quilting yet? Are they folded up neatly on a shelf in your sewing room? Are they up on your design wall? Or are they in some dark corner?

The answer for mine is none of the above.

I make my quilts so that I can have pretty things around my house so when I finish one of my quilt tops I just can't wait to have it quilted to display it.
Here's my most recent quilt. It's actually not finished yet I just need to applique F-A-L-L on it


This is the last quilt top I finished. It will eventually be a wall quilt but until it's quilted it adorns my entryway table.
This was the second quilt top I ever made it actually still needs sashing and borders.
So if you're tired of not being able to enjoy your hard work place some quilt tops in different locations throughout your house! Enjoy them! Oh and get them quilted please! =)
PS: I am part of the Flickr Friday Vote at Above All Fabric! Please go vote for my voile top! Kay? Thanks!

Simplicity 3842 with Little Folks voile


  1. Well...SORRY, I missed the vote!! Your shirt is sooo pretty.. :( As to my unfinished quilt tops...well, I only have one! I am only a would-be quilter and this quilt is for someone has been balled up SOMEWHERE in my sewing room WAITING to be put together, binded, and quilted!! Shame on is for my Aunt for when she was fighting Breast Cancer...she WON!! YA! So now it has been downgraded from a cuddle me quilt for after chemo sessions to a YEAH, I BEAT IT wall hanging quilt!! She has no idea I'm making it, so she will be happy either way, but..... so anyway..yours are so lovely, they should be displayed!! :D

  2. ha! I have bunches of them folded and stacked waiting to be quilted. I even have some quilted but no binding yet. If I didn't have tots in the house I would totally display them:)

  3. Wow! You sew very well for just recently starting!
    And you blog is NICE !


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