Friday, September 10, 2010

Finally Finished Friday

Today on our agenda was prepping the baby's room for painting but inbetween scraping and sanding I was able to sneak in a little sewing time! With a million things on my 'to sew' list I wanted to get something done for my mini quilt wall in the living room. There aren't any mini quilts on it yet that's why I'm so anxious to get something made for it.

Here was my inspiration to start a quilt wall in my living room.

Wall inspiration

I chose the 1800's Vintage Doll Quilt on the Moda Bake Shop Website because all it called for was one charm pack and some ivory fabric for the sashing(?). I already had an American Primer charm pack that I got 1/2 off at my local fabric shop a long while ago and a bunch of ivory fabric on my shelf. I started on this quilt earlier in the week.

This was very fun and simple to put together! However the instructions are a tad bit off. You need 18 dark light dark strips to make 70 subcuts and 13 light dark light strips for 49 subcuts. Once you're done putting the whole thing together it looks like it was a lot of work piecing all those tiny little squares but following their instructions with chain piecing makes it so easy.

1800 vintage quilt

After finishing all of my 9 patches I was ready to pull out my seam ripper to fix some of the patches that weren't lined up correctly. Then I remembered something I read on A Few Scraps "Done is better than perfect." So I said goodbye to my seam ripper and kept on going! (Actually I had to pull out my seam ripper once or twice for more extreme mistakes such as sewing the wrong blocks together).

I pieced the whole top together this evening and with it pressed it looks so lovely! All that's left is to quilt it and bind it. I would really like to quilt this myself and I'm thinking a stippling pattern would be good for this one. I'm gonna have to practice my stippling a bit more though before I attempt it on this one. My stipples aren't smooth at all they look "unnatural". lol If you have an idea for a quilting design for this quilt I'm all ears (or should I say 'eyes' since we're online?).

1800's vintage quilt

I already know where this will be hung in the living room but right now it's decorating my entry way table. Now I've got 2 quilt tops decorating my house. lol I need to get them both quilted quickly or quickly quilted. (Ok it's getting late lol)

I hope to start having regular "Finally Finished Friday" posts. We'll see how that goes though. =) I'll have to pull out all the stops for next Friday since we'll be gone (again) at the beginning of the week. This is the last trip until December. It'll be nice to be home for awhile.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!


  1. I love the idea for a quilt wall. I have several walls in this house that would be good for that, but in the back of my mind I keep saying "we're going on furlough, so what's the use?" With our visa debacle, though, it may be another whole year before we get to go, so might as well do something.

    I love this little quilt - so traditional!

  2. I LOVE imperfections! :D Quilting is soooo nice...I just can't get INTO it..UGH!! Here is a link to a blog that I love to look at! She has such great decorating taste and makes such pretty wall quilts! Thought you would enjoy the inspiration!!

  3. I like "Done is better than perfect" I am going to try and remember that as its a good motto to live by.

    Your wall hanging quilt is looking awesome.

  4. I love this quilt top, it's gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog and congrats on winning a Go!


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