Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hand-stitched Binding and Sports

I enjoyed working on these pot holders. I've needed new ones for quite some time so I finally decided to make myself some. I used fabric from the Fresh Squeezed charm pack by Moda.

It was my first time hand-stitching a binding and I found this ladder stitch tutorial at "Turning Turning" to be a big help. Surprisingly I liked how my first one turned out better than my second one. I stitched the binding while watching multiple sports channels with my husband. It's something I can sew while sitting with him instead of at the machine.

I got the grommet idea from Cassie at You Go, Girl!. She also has a great tutorial for binding. I didn't use it though because I lack a walking foot.

Here is an upclose view of the stitching I used.


  1. Those are pretty. I like the decorative stitching you used!!!

  2. Cute, cute! Love the grommet! I understand about something you can do NOT in front of the machine. After my husband gets home, it is time for me to "switch" my creativity to knitting or hand sewing! :)

  3. With pot holders like that, I might actually want to spend more time in the kitchen! :)

  4. I do like the decorative stitching. Our machines have these stitches which hardly get used.

  5. Nice work--I really like the stitch you used.
    I feel inspired to make a couple pot holder for myself. What did you use for the filling?


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