Saturday, August 22, 2009

Simple Baby Blankie

Wow I started and finished a project in one day! (Well, sort of lol) Over at My Spare Time she has a great tutorial for a simple baby blankie. I finally got my material on Monday and made it last night while my husband had to stay late at the church.

It wasn't too hard just lots and lots and lots of pinning! This was also my first time using blanket binding and while it would have been easier to use a walking foot, I don't have one, I just used a lot of pins. (I'll take one if you want to give one to me!!) I'll be adding a walking foot to my Christmas list this year.

I may still add something to this blanket by way of applique in the future. Our son, Caleb, was given his name by his dad b/c Caleb is his favorite Bible character. I would like to do an embroidered scene of his favorite verse about Caleb then applique it to the blanket in one of the corners.

Speaking of the "one day project" I started this right before the kids went to bed at 7:30 and finished up about 30 minutes or so after my husband came home at 3:00AM!! So technically I worked on it 2 days and yes I stayed up way too late but I hate leaving projects unfinished. (Even thought I still have many WIP's in my craft pile.)

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  1. I love the colors!! I started to use a blanket binding once, but didn't have enough to go all the way around! So, I just made do with what I had and put the binding away for later. You definitely have a talent for sewing. I really like all of your projects. I want to make a peasant skirt, but all of that gathering has me putting it off...not sure why!!? Thanks for coming and visiting I have to add to my Reader!! :D


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