Monday, August 17, 2009

Recent Acquistions and More Repurposing

Well, after getting dinner done early, packing up my machine and a project to work on, I had to miss sewing class. =( I couldn't find my notebook with the instructions for my project that I wanted to work on. I was very stressed out in not being able to find it. My husband even helped me to look for it. It wasn't until I decided not to go and I unloaded my machine from the van that I found my notebook.

Such is life.

So instead my husband took me out shopping to my favorite fabric stores (well really the only fabric stores in our area) and I had a great time!!

There were a lot of nice fabrics in the 1/2 off bin at Beverly's! They even had some Michael Miller's at 25% off but I didn't grab any of that (I may go back though! lol)

I grabbed some new needles for my machine, just universal. I need to learn more about needles and the different types and what's the best brand. If anyone has any pointers I'd be happy to learn!
I've been wanting to make myself some new hot pads and I've had this Fresh Squeezed charm pack for awhile but didn't have any coordinating fabric so I found that orange striped in the 1/2 off bin and it was perfect for it!

But even better is that I thought it would make a cute baby blanket for my little guy! I've been wanting to make one ever since My Spare Time posted her tutorial. So I got the binding, thread, and blue camo flannel for the entire project. I just need to wash the fabric now so I can start on it.

I'm not sure what I'm going to make with this piece yet but I bought 2 yards of it. It was also in the 1/2 off bin! I may make a skirt or perhaps a top for myself. Just not sure yet. But it sure is pretty!

This piece is t-shirt fabric and I've not worked with anything yet except 100% cotton. Not sure what I'm gonna do with it yet either but it is pretty!

Here is the last piece of fabric that I acquired. It was in the sale section at Betty's Fabrics and my youngest daughter LOVES Mickey Mouse. Not sure yet what I'll make her. Maybe I'll try a jumper and a bag. Any suggestions?
While putting away laundry today I came across this dress which belonged to my eldest. But if you can see them there are many stains on it. And it has gone through the wash many times and they have still not come out.

See them now?

Well, there are even blue stains on the back right shoulder due to laundry problems (husband was doing it) so instead of throwing it out like I normally would I'm going to repurpose it! I've started ripping out the stitching that connects the ribbed top from the plaid skirt. I'm going to use some of the unstained ribbing to make a waistband and make a skirt for my middle daughter. It should turn out really cute and I like being able to keep using it instead of just tossing it.

Well, here is the last picture. It is of the skirt I repurposed and my daughter actually wearing it. When I finish projects and take pics of them it is usually very late at night so no one gets to model them. I wanted to show that it actually fits her. lol

Until the next project!


  1. Hello Jennifer. I've left you something on my blog. :-)

  2. Great finds, and what a sweet husband to go fabric shopping with you!

  3. Have you ever tried grannies Spot remover? it works great. Especially on grease. I buy it at Hancock I have seen it at Hobby Lobby and online.

  4. I love that orange stripe with the fresh squeezed charm pack. Fun!


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