Saturday, August 29, 2009

Did you hear the one about....


Actually, there is no joke. I have a hard time with titles they all seem to be pretty boring after I post them.

Just checking back in here to keep you up to date on what I'm working on. Yesterday I wanted to get out my embroidery again and I don't like all the time it takes to trace out a pattern so I decided to wing it. Sort of.

I pictured in my head what fall leaves should look like then I drew one on my linen. After I stitched it I drew two more on either side of it. They didn't turn out exactly as I was hoping (I have a graphic I wanted to use but my husband had the computer and I couldn't get a look at it) but I'm liking it. It's something that I made.

After the leaves were done I wanted to add something for the border in a nice color. However after I finished it up it made the acquaintance of Mr. Seam Ripper. I then put it away to get a fresh idea of what to do in the morning.

So today I figured what I wanted and now it's almost done. I've paused to write this post about it before I finish the last bit of stitching. Then I'll find some coordinating fabric in my stash to make it a nice fabric frame (something I saw at a friends house gave me the idea).

Sorry in advance about the pic quality. I used the webcam on my laptop. The colors are brown, gold and dark red. The border is brown and the curly cues are dark red. (Yes I know they aren't quite real to life looking leaves but hey I said I was doing it off the top of my head. My husband called the gold one a holly leaf.)


  1. i think it came out lovely....but if you are interested Wee Folk Art just posted a free pattern for fall leaves...there are two different styles so far!! :)

  2. I am not ready for Fall yet... ready for Pumpin Scones at Starbucks, but that's the extent of my Fall spirit. Maybe when it gets cooler.
    Peek at my blog... you might be one of the Sew Fantastic winners...
    then email me your info. Yay!


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